Golden Field School

Golden Field School is a newly-formed charter school in Golden, Colorado. The school's mission is to get kids outside, with a focus on outdoor education. Located in Golden, the school is nestled in the foothills of the mountains and right near the iconic Clear Creek.

Alpine Dog Brewery

This one quite literally began as a napkin sketch while enjoying a tasty craft-brew. The previous brand was uninspiring and difficult to read at quick glance. This new mark is simple and iconic, and works well on their new six-pack packaging.

The Forge

One of the nation's top custom auto restoration shops stopped in with a generic name and a dreary, lackluster brand—none of which reflected the shop's passion, commitment to excellence and truly custom approach. After renaming 'Custom Auto' as 'The Forge,' a brand was built around the idea that each unique car was "Born in the Forge," rising out of the flames like a phoenix.

Hammond's Nut Candy

After purchasing a prominent nut manufacturer, Hammond's Candies needed a brand for its new nut candy snack line. The new mark is bold and appetizing, just like their treats.


Catalyst HTI is bringing together private enterprise, government, academic and non-profit organizations with healthcare providers and payers to accelerate innovation and drive real, lasting change. Their brand needed to represent the unique opportunity they provide: bringing digital and health technology companies—big and small—together in a six-floor, co-work environment.

Tivoli Brewery

With Denver International Airport opening a new terminal anchored by a 519-room Westin Hotel, there was a massive bid by local and national eateries to claim one of the coveted restaurant locations. Jerry-Built burgers teamed up with Tivoli brewing—Colorado's second oldest brewery—to provide a high-end beer and burger joint. Because Jerry-Built is a Texas brand, Tivoli was chosen to represent the Denver location.


Cute lil wabbit.

Pioneer Popcorn Co.

China loves popcorn. It is an American delicacy. Everyone knows this. What they didn't know was what to call it. We settled on the name Pioneer, as it conveyed the right American sentiment when translated overseas. From the buffalo, to the corn, to the bold and angular typography, this brand screams U-S-A.

Balfour Retirement Community

When Balfour Retirement Community was looking to open a new, premier location in downtown Denver, they wanted a brand that would reflect their unique location—positioned conveniently downtown and on the Platte river.

The Quarterly Forum

For over 15 years, The Quarterly Forum has been the spot for emerging executives to gather, inform, inspire, and create a community. With a focus on providing programs and experiences that matter, The Quarterly Forum needed a brand that conveys the dialogue it was designed to create.


Faction, formerly known as Peak, was a colocation service provider looking to refocus their efforts as a cloud enabler. However, they ran into issues with their name, Peak, as several others in the same space used similar name. Helping Peak with a proactive name change, they were rebranded as Faction.

Little League

Baseball is our nation's past-time, and for many the love of the game starts in the little leagues. Alexandria, Virginia's little league was looking for a brand refresh that would embroider well on uniforms and help sell merchandise. With a custom typeface and baseball motif, Alexandria Little League is ready to step up to the plate with the big boys.

National Park Forum

The National Park Forum is an annual two-day conference held in the nation's capital. The event brings together park advocates and poiticians stress to federal leaders the important role parks and recreation play in helping to fight many national problems, such as obesity, climate change, environmental stewardship and conservation of our land and waters. And what better place to have this important conversation than on a park bench?

Copper Mountain
Ski Day

An annual tradition, Ski Day is about getting out of the office and on to the slopes with friends and colleagues alike. Hosted every year at Copper Mountain, this event was in need of a brand that reflected it's fun and casual nature.

Hammond's Candies

Almost as old as Denver itself, Hammond's Candies is a true Colorado original. Focused on vintage candy-making techniques, Hammond's has become a holiday staple for giant lollipops and ribbon candies. With such a rich history, their brand needed to reflect the mid-west, mid-century sentiment. One of the most unique aspects of Hammond's is their original delivery truck, which is prominently parked out front of their factory.

"color me impressed.
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